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Lifetime access to recordings of all three sessions

Lifetime access to all three sessions

Session 1
Compulsory Vaccinations

As vaccines become available for all ages, can employers insist on 'no jab, no job' for existing employees and for new recruits? You'll learn:

the seven common objections staff have to vaccination, and how to overcome them;
when dismissal for refusing to undergo vaccination will be fair, or unfair;
whether and when dismissal for refusal to vaccinate because of (a) health concerns; (b) pregnancy or breastfeeding; and (c) an anti-vax, ethical vegan, or similar philopsophical belief is unlawful discrimination;
whether employers can compel existing employees and job applicants to tell you if they've been vaccinated;
the nine 'reasonable' steps for employers to consider under the Management of Health & Safety at Work Regulations 1999.

PLUS the new legislation preventing care homes from allowing unvaccinated workers to enter the building is controversial and raises many employment law issues, all of which will be discussed.

Session 2
Tribunals' approach to Covid dismissal cases

The early cases arising from the first Covid lockdown have now reached employment tribunals.  In this session, you'll discover how tribunals are approaching dismissals by employers because their employees are refusing to wear masks, or staying at home when they've been told to return to work.

is an employer obliged to consider furlough before dismissing for redundancy?
is dismissing someone for refusing to wear a mask within the range of reasonable responses?
will Covid always represent a 'serious and imminent danger', to trigger automatic unfair dismissal claims?
is asking to be furloughed an 'appropriate step', such as to render a dismissal for that reason automatically unfair?  How about asking for PPE?  Or refusing to visit someone's house who is self-isolating?
can employers impose changes to terms and conditions of employment because of the urgency of lockdown? Can they change discretionary commission schemes?
will sending pregnant women home from work because of a lack of social distancing amount to 'unfavourable treatment' on grounds of pregnancy, and hence discrimination?

We'll draw out the principles and trends from over a dozen decided cases, and answer these and other questions.

Session 3
Eleven Alternatives to Redundancy

As the furlough scheme tapers off and ends, Covid and Brexit are likely to result in large numbers of redundancy dismissals.  This session considers eleven ways in which employers can offer alternatives to redundancy, explaining the benefits and disadvantages of each, including:-

withdrawing job offers;
eliminating temporary staff;
career breaks;
lay-off and short time working;
pay cuts.

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Uniquely edited videos

The edited videos switch between views of Daniel Barnett, the workbook and slides showing extracts from the relevant caselaw and legislation.

BONUS:  Q&A Session

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About the Speaker...

Daniel Barnett is an employment law barrister at Outer Temple Chambers in London.

He is the author or co-author of thirteen books, including the leading title Handbook on Employment Law (currently in its 8th edition), two of which have been ranked as #1 on the Amazon  bestseller lists for HR books.

He has presented seminars for the House of Commons, the BBC, Oxford University, HSBC, Barclays Bank, Ocado, and dozens of other organisations in-house, and keynoted at national and international conferences.  In 2013, 2014, 2016 and 2019 he wrote and presented the Employment Law MasterClass national tour, speaking to thousands of employment lawyers and HR Professionals around the UK.  He produces the Employment Law Matters podcast, ranked #1 on the Apple Podcast Store for business podcasts in the UK.

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