Daniel Barnett's

Employment Law
Autumn Report 2020

Video 1

The Job Support Scheme
The Job Retention Bonus
Criminal offences

Video 2

Interim relief and whistleblowing
ERA 1996 s44: Employees who won't come to work

Video 3

Update on constructive dismissal
Update on personality clash dismissals
Update on TUPE

Q&A Session

Bonus question and answer session, with Daniel Barnett answering live questions from attendees.

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Daniel Barnett

Barrister, Outer Temple Chambers

Daniel Barnett is a leading employment law barrister practising from Outer Temple Chambers.  With 25 years’ experience defending public and private sector employers against employment claims, he has represented a Royal Family, several international airlines, FTSE-100 companies, various NHS Trusts and local authorities, and one of TV’s Dragons from Dragon’s Den.  Employee clients include a former Chancellor of the Exchequer and many senior executives.

Daniel is a member of the BAILII advisory board, and a past chair of the Employment Lawyers’ Association’s publishing committee and electronic services working party.  He is the author or co-author of twelve books, including the leading title Handbook on Employment Law (currently in its 8th edition).  He is the creator of the Employment Law (UK) mailing list, an email alerter bulletin service sending details of breaking news in employment law three times a week to over 30,000 recipients.


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Each book is approximately 12,000 words long, and is designed to explain the law and practice in a manner suitable for experienced HR Professionals, whilst designed to be at an equivalent level to an undergraduate course.

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