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Employment Law Handbook

The ultimate guide for employment lawyers, HR professionals and tribunal representatives.

8th edition, November 2020

About This Book

The eighth edition of this invaluable handbook provides a comprehensively updated overview of employment law.  Fully revised and rewritten, it covers:

  • - Employment status
  • - Unfair and wrongful dismissal
  • - Discrimination
  • - Redundancy
  • - Transfer of undertakings
  • - Health & safety at work
  • - Remedies and compensation
  • - Tribunal procedure

Written by experts in the field, this book is authoritative, clear and reader friendly.

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"This book makes employment law simple...
I commend it as a reliable, user-friendly and clear guide to anyone with an employment law problem."

Lord Neuberger

President of the Supreme Court 2012-2017

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Employment Law Library

Employee Investigations

GDPR for HR Professionals

Employee Stress Claims

Employment Tribunal Time Limits


Changing Terms & Conditions

Constructive Dismissal





Employment Tribunal Compensation

Hiring Staff

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