Many HR Professionals start the journey to write and publish a book. Only a handful make it across the finish line. Are you ready to join the winning circle?

Every year, dozens of ambitious HR Professionals decide to write a book.

Sadly, most of these dreams evaporate before they become reality.

The lucky ones get to stamp their authority in their field, boost their personal brand, and even create a new revenue stream.

The rest continue to stumble over the hurdles of authorship.

Does that sound familiar?

Are you tired of feeling like you're the only one struggling to write and publish a book?

And are you overwhelmed by your lack of knowledge about the process?

Then let me reassure you, you're not alone. 

And more importantly, it's not your fault if you've previously tried your hand at writing, publishing, and authorship and hit a brick wall.

The truth is, the reason why you're having such troubles is because everything from your busy schedule to your fear of failure keeps putting roadblocks in your path. And it doesn't help that there are widespread misconceptions such as waiting for the perfect time or idea to write a book, or thinking you need to be a professional writer to write a book.

Let's clear the air on these now: The perfect time will never come, and there will always be an excuse to put off writing. And you don’t need to be a professional writer to write a book. You just need to have valuable knowledge and expertise to share with others. So, it's clear that waiting for that perfect moment or believing you must be a professional writer can only lead to success if luck is on their side.

Perhaps you've even secretly wished you could just wave a magic wand and all your writing and publishing trials would simply disappear.

We both know that's not realistic...but let me tell you about the next best thing...


Write Your HR Book

The #1 Coaching Program for Aspiring HR Book Writers: the premier solution to increase your authority,  and get step-by-step guidance through the writing and publishing process, without worrying about not having enough time, not knowing where to start, or the cost of hiring professionals.

Now you can bolster your reputation and generate passive income from book sales without having to stress about the cost of hiring professionals... without falling for the myth of becoming an overnight success... and without waiting for the perfect moment or idea to write a book.

Sounds too good to be true, doesn’t it? You’ve tried to write and publish a book before, but you’re still where you started. You may feel like becoming a published author is just a dream.

But this offer is unlike any other. 

No more waiting for the perfect time, thinking you need to be a professional writer, or believing self-publishing is too difficult or expensive.

With Write your HR Book, you’ll...

Discover a proven system that turns unknown HR professionals into respected industry leaders in just a few months.
Enjoy a ‘Done With You’ or ‘Done For You’ service that makes publishing simple and time-efficient.
Learn to avoid expensive mistakes and save time with our expertise.
Uncover how to choose the perfect topic for your book that will establish you as an authority and win you new clients.
Understand the entire process of writing and publishing your book, from cover design to publishing on Amazon/Kindle.
PLUS in just 30 days, you'll have a clear understanding of your book topic and a solid plan for writing and publishing it...
AND envision yourself as a successful author, sitting back comfortably while your book brings in high-profile clients and a steady income stream!

Yes, this may sound bold, but these strategies have helped countless people increase their authority and reputation. These industry secrets have helped many realise their dream of writing and publishing a book, and they will work for you too.

Are YOU Ready to skyrocket your reputation, write and publish your book, and expand your network like never before?

If you act now, you can expect:

A tried-and-tested system that will quickly move you to a revered industry leader!
A ‘Done With You’ service that ensures your book gets published with the least amount of hassle on your end, or a ‘Done For You’ which just generates the book for you.
An opportunity to sidestep expensive blunders and tedious trial and error by leveraging the knowledge of an expert who has written and published more than 25 HR books.
Unearth the secret to choosing a book topic that will cement your status as an authority and bring new clients to your doorstep!
A detailed roadmap to writing and publishing your book, inclusive of cover design basics and tips on choosing a publisher or going the self-publishing route on Amazon/Kindle.
With our ‘Done With You’ service, personalized advice and assistance through frequent Zoom meetings, along with access to recorded sessions for easy follow-up.

And that's just the beginning.

Once you secure your place in the Write your HR Book programme and start unlocking these writing and publishing secrets, you'll be fully equipped with all the knowledge you need on authorship - guaranteed!



£3,000+VAT, per month, for six months

Book manuscript delivered at end of month 3

200 hard copies delivered at end of month 6

Limited to two clients

Consultation on topic/title, scope and avatar
Detailed chapter plan
First two chapters written
Rest of chapters written
Feedback / review as many times as you want
Two beta readers to improve ideas
Copy editor for proofreading and flow
Designer to layout internal elements of book
Choice of at least three cover designs
Creation of back cover
Purchase/allocation of ISBN number
Write book description, optimised for Amazon sales
Create paperback version using Amazon DTP and publish on Amazon
Create Kindle version and publish on Amazon
Provide you with backup copies of all master and print-ready files
Prepare 3x promotional emails, designed to generate book sales
Provide you with 3D book image and blurb for your website, with the direct Amazon link
Register book with Nielsen
Copies sent to 6 x copyright libraries
Print and send you 200 copies of the book

Daniel Barnett will laser-coach you through the entire process of writing and publishing the book 

Laser-coaching sessions are short, focused Zoom calls of up to 15 mins to help you with the next stage of the process. 

In each call, we will discuss what needs doing next. Daniel will help you with any blocks you encounter. 

For example, in one call Daniel could show you on Zoom how to buy an ISBN number, giving you the precise website you need to use, and showing you the settings and preferences you need to add. 

Or he can talk you through creating a book outline on Workflowy, and we can work on it together. 

Or we can work on your ChatGPT prompts, and get ChatGPT to write your first draft. 

After each laser-coaching session, we will agree your ‘homework’. Once you’ve completed it, we’ll hold the next session.

(We will add as many sessions as you want if you need more help) 

Each laser coaching session is recorded; you’ll get the recording and a brief summary from Daniel.
We will aim to have sessions available at least three, and usually five, days a week. 

That means you will log onto our system when ready and simply book a slot for the next day if you want.

You can have as many 15 minute laser coaching sessions as you want (capped at one a day, weekdays only). 

Daniel will also give you a personal introduction to all the suppliers he uses, including his designer, beta readers, copyeditor and Kindle/Amazon upload expert.  This is a guarantee of quality and saves you huge amounts of time sourcing suppliers.



£600+VAT per month

So if you write the book in four weeks, the cost is £600+VAT.

If it takes six months, the cost is £3,600+VAT.

You can end the coaching at any time.

Limited to four clients

Application Process

STEP 1:  You pay a £100 (£83.33+VAT) application fee.   Why?  Because if we're going to spend time talking about bookwriting with you, we want you to show you're serious.  It means you've put a bit of skin in the game.

STEP 2:  We'll arrange a 15 minute Zoom call with Daniel Barnett.  You'll discuss your book and see whether the two of you would work well together.

STEP 3: If we decide we would not be a good fit, or if all the places have gone, we'll return your £100.

STEP 4: If we proceed, we'll discuss the payment options (your £100 application fee will be set off against your first payment) and timetabling.  We will also set up your first bookwriting appointment.

STEP 5: If you decide not to proceed after step 4, we will donate your application fee to the British Heart Foundation.

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