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assistant video administrator

Do you want to help me create and develop videos for a new YouTube channel explaining UK law to individuals and businesses?

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Hi, I'm Daniel Barnett, a barrister specialising in employment law. I'm creating a new YouTube channel containing 'explainer' videos across a wide range of legal topics, explaining the law in bite-size chunks to those who cannot afford legal advice.

I'm looking for someone to go through edited videos, and give detailed feedback to the video editor over grammar, captions and images, to make the videos enticing and attract new watchers.

You'll have an eye for detail

The role requires reviewing videos in detail, checking every image, checking all spelling and punctuation on captions, and making active suggestions to improve the video.

You can be flexible on hours throughout the day

You'll need to work irregular hours; a video might come in for review in the morning, or lunchtime, or the evening (our video editors are based in different time zones).  Although I recognise life sometimes interferes, as a rule I want the videos reviewed and editing notes returned the same day - ideally within a couple of hours.  That's why this role is ideal for students.

You have absolutely perfect English

Many of the changes you'll need to make to the draft videos involve amending the editor's choice of wording for captions.  You'll need perfect spelling and punctuation.  Most importantly, you'll have an immaculate and instinctive grasp of nuance.  It is unlikely you will have these skills if English is not your first language.

Ideally, you know something about the legal system

It'll be nice if you're familiar with basic concepts of UK law, for example you know a case name is written as 'Bloggs v Smith', not 'Bloggs versus Smith', and you'd shiver in horror if you saw a video which had images of gavels or other US symbols.  But this one isn't a dealbreaker for me; the right person will be able to learn this pretty quickly.

The Important stuff...

Hours:  Initially about 5-10 hours per week, expected to increase as time goes by
Status:  You will be self-employed, sending us an invoice each month
Remuneration: £16 per hour
Applying: please use the button below, explaining in <400 words why you are a good fit for this role.  Please don't send a CV.
Closing:  Monday, 7 December 2020 at 5pm

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