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scriptwriter vacancy
for 'legal explainer' youtube channel

Do you want to help me create and develop videos for a new YouTube channel explaining UK law to individuals and businesses?

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Hi, I'm Daniel Barnett, a barrister based in London and a presenter on LBC. I have a YouTube channel containing 'explainer' videos across a wide range of legal topics, explaining the law in bite-size chunks to those who cannot afford legal advice.

I'm looking for one or two people to write scripts for me, which I will turn into YouTube videos

You can write short, snappy scripts in plain English

The law can be complicated; I need you to research consumer issues, landlord & tenant issues, criminal law, family law, and other areas, breaking it down into simple language and avoiding jargon.

You double-check everything

If you find something on a website, you need to check the original statute.  So if something you read refers to s9 Consumer Rights Act 2015, you need to check the actual statute to make sure it does, indeed, say what you think it says.

You'll never, ever, plagiarise - not even as a shortcut

There are lots of good guides out there, for example Citizens' Advice and Shelter have some fantastic guides explaining the law.  You must never cut and paste these guides, or copy even small sections of them.  Ever.  It's unethical and wrong.

Ideally, you know something about the legal system

It'll be nice if you're familiar with basic concepts of UK law, for example you know a case name is written as 'Bloggs v Smith', not 'Bloggs versus Smith', and you'd shiver in horror if you saw a video which had images of gavels or other US symbols.  But this one isn't a dealbreaker for me; the right person will be able to learn this pretty quickly.

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