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Here's your book on 'SOSR Dismissals', normally £20 on Amazon, as a free gift for you to download.

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Four other ways I can help you...

1. Employment Law Handbook

(9th edition, 2023)

The new edition of this hugely popular 380 page practitioners' book came out this month (August 2023). 

I cannot recommend it highly enough.

Available for a limited time at

2. Chat GPT Course: the videos

Discover how employment lawyers can embrace Chat GPT and other Artificial Intelligence apps to streamline processes, reduce costs, and improve outcome.

3. HR Policies 2024

Released earlier this year and kept fully up to date, these 26 HR policies come with a license to resell them and a ton of other fabulous bonuses. My favourite is the step-by-step cheat sheet for introducing new policies into new organisations.

4. Virtual Employment Law Academy

This is fabulous for paralegals and newly qualified solicitors who haven't studied employment law.  (It's not aimed at experienced employment lawyers.)

I'll teach you everything you will ever need to know about employment law over 18 fully live modules. 

Cohort 3 begins October 2023, and is open for registration now.

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