In July 2023, Daniel Barnett presented two 3 hour courses, demonstrating how employment lawyers and HR Professionals can embrace Chat GPT and other Artificial Intelligence Apps to streamline processes, reduce costs, and improve outcomes.

“Over the next ten years, humans who can use AI and Chat GPT will replace humans who can’t.”


Your content will differ depending on which session you book. The session on 18 July 2023 is primarily aimed at HR professionals. The session on 20 July 2023 is primarily aimed at solicitors.

Either way, you will receive the recordings of both sessions.


Understanding AI and Chat GPT

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Demonstration: Chat GPT in ACTION

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The Course fee is: £100+VAT per person.

Book either course (one aimed primarily at employment lawyers, the other at HR Professionals) and get lifetime on-demand video access to BOTH.


Order the recordings and receive the following FREE bonuses.



82 page handout containing all the prompts used with Chat GPT, and all of Chat GPT's responses (including sample job descriptions and policies, generated chronologies, summaries of grievances, and more).


Daniel Barnett's 'Artificial Intelligence and Chat GPT Policy', for you to use with your clients or employer.  This policy is not available for sale elsewhere.

Order the recordings and get IMMEDIATE access to the two bonuses.

Download now for just £125+VAT

Get the sessions for both employment lawyers and HR Professionals

Who is your course leader?

DANIEL BARNETT is a practising London barrister, the founder of the HR Inner Circle (the UK's leading membership organisation for smart, ambitious HR Professionals), the presenter of The Legal Hour on LBC Radio and the host of #1 podcast Employment Law Matters.

Daniel has invested over 200 hours since February 2023 learning about artificial intelligence. He has lectured on using Chat GPT for HR Professionals.  He is the author of over 20 books on employment and HR law, and the founder and lead trainer of the Virtual Employment Law Academy.

Why should you order these recordings?

Reason #1

Artificial intelligence and Chat GPT are now becoming integral parts of the legal and HR landscape.  This course equips you with the knowledge and skills to leverage these technologies, increasing your productivity and improving what you can do.

Reason #2

Upon completion of the course, lawyers will be able to use AI and ChatGPT for research, drafting, and client communications. HR Professionals will be able to use it for create policies, analyse data (such as absence patterns), and recruit more efficiently. You will understand how to use these tools to streamline your work processes, freeing up time for more complex and strategic tasks.

Reason #3

Chat GPT and Artificial Intelligence will not replace humans.  But humans who can use these tools will replace those who can't.  This course will show you that it's not nearly as challenging as you think; anyone can do it.  You just have to know how.

Reason #4

You'll receive lifetime access to all recordings, as well as an 82 page Chat GPT 'cheat sheet' and a copy of Daniel Barnett's 'Artificial Intelligence and Chat GPT' policy.



How long are the recordings available for?

You'll have lifetime access to all the recordings.  As soon as you register, you'll be sent a link by email to download /watch everything.

Can I have a discount?

We offered discounts for the 'live' sessions to people in the voluntary and charity sectors.  There are no further discounts available.

PLEEEAASSSEE can I have a discount?

No.  Sorry.

Is there any guarantee?

Yes.  A pretty good one, actually.

If you ask for your money back at any time within 12 months of purchase, we'll refund you with no questions asked.  You don't even have to give us a reason.

Will you invoice me please?

Sorry, no.  There are three reasons we only take card payment:

1. we like the simplicity of an automated business model.

2. we think it's excessive to have to fill in a 10 page 'supplier request' form (which local authorities and large organisations insist on) for a £125 fee.

3. we don't like having to chase people for money!

I've ordered but the email with the recordings hasn't arrived

We know why.  You almost certainly typed your email in incorrectly when ordering.  About 1 in 20 people make that mistake - it's an easy mistake to make!

Just email us (contact details below) and we'll sort it out for you.

Is there any small-print?

Afraid so. Here it is:- 

1. We reserve the right to refuse to sell to you, even after you complete the order form.  If we do refuse to sell to you, we will immediately return your money.

2. During the session, we give a general overview of the law relating to copyright and intellectual property when using AI tools.  You should treat the content of the seminar as general guidance but not legal advice tailored to fit the needs of your situation.

3. More generally, any liability for negligence, breach of contract or anything else arising from the content of the seminar is limited to twice the fee you paid for to attend (or for the recordings).

For enquiries, contact us.

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