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Ultimate Employment Webinars 2024


He Said, She Said: How to Spot the Liar when running Workplace Investigations


The HR Playbook on Complex Absence Dismissals


Manager's Mistakes: How HR Can Fix Them

HR Secrets 2023

The complete recordings of Daniel Barnett’s UK tour in November 2023.

Video 1: What HR needs to know in 2024: Including changes to holiday pay, the new duty to prevent sexual harassment, and upcoming caselaw on ‘fire and rehire’ and Artificial Intelligence decision-making in employment.
Video 2: How HR can add Strategic Value to an Organisation: Over 55 strategies to add value during recruitment, with retention, efficiency, wellbeing and diversity.
Video 3: Solving Conflict at Work: Practical tips to solve conflict in various situations, including employees who hate each other, employees who resent performance management, and employees caught up in the gender critical v gender identity debate.
Video 4: Q&A Session The questions asked by our 200-strong audience during the livestream.

Chat GPT
For Employment Lawyers And HR Professionals

In July 2023, Daniel Barnett presented two 3 hour courses, demonstrating how employment lawyers and HR Professionals can embrace Chat GPT and other Artificial Intelligence Apps to streamline processes, reduce costs, and improve outcomes.

Employment Tribunal Compensation

A comprehensive course that gives you all the information you need to confidently advise your employer or clients, and professionally represent parties at a tribunal.

Getting Redundancy Right

The ultimate course for employers on making redundancies, including video modules, matrices and templates, and an online discussion forum.

Marketing For Employment Lawyers

If you want to double your employment law business in two years, this eight module online course teaches you exactly what to do and how to do it.

What Will Labour Do?

Monday, 13 May 2024 @ 10am, by Zoom

Labour has pledged to introduce a new Employment Rights Bill within 100 days of gaining power. But what will that Bill do? Some of Labour’s proposals for employment law changes are modest. But many are radical. Some are workable. Others less so.

In this one hour webinar, Daniel Barnett explains exactly what changes Labour is likely to introduce, and what HR Professionals and employment lawyers should be doing to get ready for them.

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