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Celebrate 25 years of Daniel Barnett’s employment law bulletins with three world-class employment law webinars.  

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He Said, She Said: How to Spot the Liar when Conducting Workplace Investigations

How do you establish who is telling the truth in a ‘he said, she said’ grievance or disciplinary investigation? With the help of a former police detective and leading workplace investigations lawyer, you’ll discover the forensic tricks and techniques used to reach the truth in workplace investigations.

Daniel Barnett, barrister
Dr Clea Wright, forensic psychologist
Robin Somerville, workplace investigator and barrister
one further panellist to be announced

You'll learn:
What do you need to think about in a ‘he said, she said’ situation?
What are the specific challenges in a workplace setting?
What are the most common mistakes made by investigators when trying to detect lies? How can these be avoided?
How does cognitive load affect a person’s ability to maintain a lie? How this can be observed?
Is body language or observing ‘micro-expressions’ helpful?
How do you train investigators to read verbal and non-verbal cues of deception?
Strategies for dealing with manipulative or evasive subjects during an investigation
What strategies should investigators use to maintain neutrality?
When indirect evidence (emails, documents, etc.) is key in revealing deceit?


The HR Playbook on Complex Absence Dismissals

Thur 22 February 2024 @ 2pm

When is enough enough? How long do you have to wait before dismissing for long-term absence? What if the OH report is useless? When do you know you’ve done enough by way of reasonable adjustments?  How do you craft and implement an effective absence management policy?

Daniel Barnett, barrister
Karen Jackson, disability law specialist at didlaw
Darren Newman, the UK's leading employment law trainer

You'll learn:
The most common legal pitfall HR professionals encounter with absence dismissals
How long is an employer expected to wait?
How you deal with the uncooperative employee?
What do you do when your occupational health provider sits on the fence?
Can long-term sick employees request pay as a reasonable adjustment?
Whether, and how, to adjust sickness absence trigger points?
What alternatives to dismissal should be considered?
Different approaches for long term v repeated short term absences


Managers' Mistakes: how HR can Fix Them

What do you do when a manager fails to document or call out poor performance? How do you deal with managers who misunderstand employment law, or exhibit bias in recruitment and promotion decisions?  What action should HR take when managers fail to address workplace bullying?  All this, and more...

Daniel Barnett, barrister
Tara Warner, Chartered FCIPD, Warner Consultancy
Michael Salter, barrister and part-time employment judge
Nicky Jolley, MD, HR2Day Human Resources

You'll learn what you need to do when a manager...
fails to document or call out poor performance
deals with difficult conversations in a public place, such as a coffee shop
prefers one employee over another, without good cause
tells an employee that they're on their way out
allows conflict between staff to escalate without intervention
doesn't follows issues up in workplace investigations, or fails to make a clear decision
fails to factor in employee's personal circumstances
struggles to cooperate with reasonable adjustments
refuses flexible working requests without going through the correct procedure

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