Virtual Employment Law Academy

An entirely online, 18 module employment law course for HR Professionals, union officials, and junior lawyers

Virtual Employment Law Academy


Learn to advise businesses and employees on their legal rights and obligations, promote equality at work, comply with relevant legislation and protect your organisation. A unique 18 week online course led by Daniel Barnett, starting January 2025.

Every student who enrols in the Virtual Employment Law Academy automatically gets:

Live access to all 18 modules of the programme so you can enjoy the sessions in real time.
Live access to all 18 Q&A sessions which means you can get your questions about your issues answered immediately.
Four PDF course manuals covering all 18 modules allowing you to comprehensively capture your own personal notes and embed the learning in a brain friendly way.
Lifetime access to the recordings of each module and its Q&A session giving you the flexibility to refresh and recap at any time after the session is delivered.
Access to the Virtual Employment Law Academy Slack channel for you to connect and converse with other students, discuss the nuances of the topics covered with them and learn from their experience.
A complimentary ticket to the end of programme drinks party so you can celebrate feeling proud of reaching another important milestone in your development as an HR Professional.

Testimonials From Satisfied Graduates Of The Virtual Employment Law Academy

“An excellent course. It has given me the confidence to be able to challenge HR ‘received wisdom’ with the actual legal position, and an improved ability to assess risk.”

Andrea Cheatle

“I knew I had to study in this area, and it was invaluable. What I didn't expect was that it would be so interesting and entertaining. The time flew.”

Gill Knowles

“Smart, engaging and exceptionally well run programme.”

Bilwa Iyer

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